Celtra Hackathon

Are you ready to pull an all-nighter? Reckon you’re an outstanding programmer? Are you an overachiever? If yes, then we have just the right challenge for you!

Ever wanted to get an acknowledgment from your colleagues for all the help and a job well done? Maybe you can use your witty skills and come up with a solution to do this - why not use Slack to give kudos to colleagues and let the team leads know about the good work their team members did?

Grand Prize: TRIP TO San Francisco

Start packing as if you win, you will spend one week in our San Francisco office learning from the best, and when you come back, you'll be able to continue your journey in our Ljubljana office for additional three months.

Runner up prizes: Three months paid internship in Ljubljana (second place) & Amazon gift cards (third place)

20. & 21.10.2018 @ Kongresni trg 3


Visualise gathered kudos data in useful and engaging views: from a personal view of positive messages to visualizing the evolution of relationships between co-workers in different departments.


Can you create an API for creating and managing kudos that scales from small teams to companies with thousands of employees?

Data Insights

Are you intrigued by insights you can draw from data? Analyze existing kudos data, extract behaviour of users, find outliers, and try to detect and predict patterns that emerge from giving and receiving kudos.


Sending kudos should not interrupt users work by having to sign into a custom application and then giving kudos to a coworker. Can you build a Slack app that will allow users to easily select coworker(s) and give them kudos containing a short message?

Cozy offices, food and drinks to die for and amazing mentors

Some additional information

  • Date: Saturday, 20th and Sunday, 21st of October 2018
  • Teams: individuals, pairs or groups of max. 3 people
  • What to expect? Free food, drinks and a quiet place to sleep
  • Application deadline: applications are open till the 16th of October 2018
  • Apply here

If you have any additional questions, you can contact us at: luka.erzen@celtra.com